Day 4 – Sapallanga & Chupaca

Tuesday, June 9th.

After such amazing experiences on Monday, our first real day of experiences down here, I was so excited for Tuesday! I was exhausted after travel and trying to adjust to the altitude, but I think we were all experiencing a little bit of a rush!

As an aside, I just went to Walmart tonight and bought some items to send to Angely for her 9th birthday. It’s in September, but it takes a good 3 months for items to get there at the moment so I am sending things now. I’m so grateful that the Compassion staff traveling with us were able to mention that they are actively trying to reduce the time between letters. I can’t tell you how excited I am to buy her things knowing more about her interests and what kinds of things I can send through the mail! More about that in the post for Saturday. Continue reading


Day 3 – San Jeronimo de Tunan

Monday, June 8th.

Oh my heart. Deanna. Kids. Moms. Families. Babies.

After breakfast and morning devotions and prayer, we all piled in two small buses. We used two smaller ones because going into the mountains requires smaller vehicles! (As it turns out, that’s not always true!) We headed up to Hualhuas just to the north of Huancayo to visit a Child Survival Project (CSP). When we arrived, the mothers and babies were out to greet us! Continue reading

Day 2 – Travel to the Highlands

Sunday, June 7th.

Part of our group left at 5:45 AM (!) to head to the airport to travel to Huancayo. After breakfast, the rest of us met at 9:30 for worship and devotions on the 3rd floor terrace. We all went around the circle, introduced ourselves, and told stories of how long we had sponsored a child and how we got to that point. (Spoiler: all God’s doing) I will share my story although there were some very powerful ones to be heard, and if my fellow travelers wish to share, by all means, do so in the comments! Continue reading