Day 4 – Sapallanga & Chupaca

Tuesday, June 9th.

After such amazing experiences on Monday, our first real day of experiences down here, I was so excited for Tuesday! I was exhausted after travel and trying to adjust to the altitude, but I think we were all experiencing a little bit of a rush!

As an aside, I just went to Walmart tonight and bought some items to send to Angely for her 9th birthday. It’s in September, but it takes a good 3 months for items to get there at the moment so I am sending things now. I’m so grateful that the Compassion staff traveling with us were able to mention that they are actively trying to reduce the time between letters. I can’t tell you how excited I am to buy her things knowing more about her interests and what kinds of things I can send through the mail! More about that in the post for Saturday. Continue reading