Day 9 – Going Home

Sunday, June 14th.

Where did the time go? Was I really in Peru for 8 days?

One of the best parts about this trip was the fact that we all had our trip guides which had sections for us to use as journals. I used to keep a diary as a kid, but I think we all get out of that habit as adults unless we are “writers” and just feel the need to write to unpack our thoughts and emotions.  Continue reading


Day 8 (Part 2) – Winding Down

As I mentioned in Part 1, I had just left Angely and her mom to walk to the main road with Francesca to catch a cab. I had to quickly find Shirley to say goodbye. She had been traveling with us all week and translating for my family group. She had been wonderful! As I bent down to hug her, she started encouraging me and saying she would miss me. I think I had been holding in a lot of emotion from visiting with Angely, and now here I was saying goodbye to another friend. I just broke down and couldn’t talk for a little while. I was glad to have my trip guide in my hands so I could hold it in front of my face (below my eyes) so I could see to walk to the bus without everyone seeing my horrible cry face. (I’m determined to find Shirley on Facebook!) Continue reading

Day 6 – Sightseeing

Thursday, June 11th.

Today we got to sleep in a little longer than usual as we weren’t going to visit any projects. There were some people in our group who would have their fun day with their sponsored children today so they and some of their families were able to come with us on our sightseeing adventures. The first stop was a park in Huancayo. We had a local tour guide with us. It’s very hard to stay together as a group when you have so many people plus a large park to explore! While we were there, there was a large group of school children there also. As background, they don’t see large groups of Americans and/or tourists in that town very often so we were celebrities somewhat. They love having their picture taken so they were in many of our pictures! See below. I had a group of girls that wanted their pictures taken in various locations. I do know enough Spanish to say “uno mas” so that I indicated it was the last one! After I took pictures and let them see, they were nice enough to hug and kiss me and say thank you. I’m tellin’ ya, I can’t get enough of that. So sweet!! Continue reading

Day 5 – Manicures, Anyone?

Wednesday, June 10th.

Today we stayed in Huancayo at a local center. We were running VBS in the afternoon at this particular center so it was nice to stay in one place all day but no less tiring! Upon our arrival, we hugged the staff and kids as usual and then entered to hear music playing and dancing/running in a circle with the director! It was a fantastic time! I know pictures of me exist running around with her, but I haven’t seen them yet! We were always met with such excitement everywhere we went that it just filled me with joy every time! Continue reading