I just took my first trip outside of the United States! This blog is about my experiences on a Compassion International sponsor tour to Peru where I met my sponsored child, Angely. It was beautiful! Please enjoy the stories and pictures. My history with Compassion is below.

I’ve always known about Compassion. My parents sponsor a child in India, and my sister used to sponsor one in Ecuador. I have always wanted to sponsor a child, but for some reason, I just never got around to it. Back in late September 2014, my best friend invited me to go to the For King & Country concert at church. I wasn’t really familiar with them at the time, but I went and had a blast! They are also big advocates for Compassion International and had volunteers in the audience that would hand out packets to anyone who wanted to sponsor a child. I raised my hand, and Angely was the one God had that volunteer give me. About a month later, I got the email about the sponsor trip to Peru! Needless to say, the prospect of meeting the child I was sponsoring was exciting to me! I thought and prayed about it for months before finally taking the plunge. My husband was also super supportive of it so I’m very thankful for that because it takes a good amount to be able to go.

I’ve never been known as a “kid person”. I don’t have any kids of my own, and I generally have never been drawn to them or interested in them outside of my relatives. For whatever reason, this has apparently changed. I wanted to hug all the kids as much as they wanted to hug me!

Consider sponsoring a child today. I have seen first hand how it lifts them up beyond their circumstances. (See all the posts on this blog for examples.) You could do it with a book club, Bible study, or your family so you could write letters and share your joy with them. If I can get just one additional child sponsored, it will be worth it.


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