Advocacy & Fundraising!

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for reading the blog; it’s been very well received, and I am floored by the response. My hope is that somewhere out there a child or two has been sponsored as a result!

Just two quick updates.

I’ve become an advocate for Compassion! I’m even more excited now that I’ve gotten into it! That basically means I’m an outspoken advocate for children in extreme poverty. I will volunteer at events and do my best to get sponsors for children who need them. I hope to be a part of a life-changing experience for someone who sponsors a child. I’ve already met a few local advocates who were at the concert last year where I got Angely’s packet handed to me. If you had told me last June or July that I would be traveling to Peru in a year’s time, I never would have believed it! Attending that concert ended up being a life-changing event; I just didn’t know it until later!

I hope to be a part of that for someone else and for the children who desperately need sponsors. My first local volunteering event is in late August as part of the Compassion Experience at a local church. I’m also meeting an advocate who lives about 5 minutes from me this week to have lunch and get to know each other! How exciting is that??

The second update is that I’m going to run a 10K. I say this as someone who hated running pretty much my entire life. I did all kinds of things for exercise but never running. Well, my husband started running a few months ago, and it pretty much is the healthiest thing you can do. I started training for a local 10K almost two weeks ago. I can now run about 4 miles. A 10K is a tad over 6 miles for anyone who didn’t know. That sounds insanely long to me, but I am going to stick with the training program I’ve got going in RunKeeper. So far I haven’t died on any of my runs, but I think I’m getting better. I had no idea I could run 4 miles! My best pace so far is 12 min/mile, but eventually I’ll get faster. I did my first interval training yesterday, and it’s amazing how fast you can run after you’ve already run 3 miles! This coming Sunday I’m supposed to run 5 miles so we’ll see how that goes. That’s almost 2 times around the circuit I already run through the neighboring subdivisions! I got rained on for about a mile and a half of my run yesterday, but it was better than being scorching hot! I’ll need to be careful this weekend as extremely high temps and humidity are in the forecast.

Since I’m running this race, I decided I can do something good with it – support Compassion! That will definitely keep me motivated to stick with my training and be ready to run that race in September! If you want to help support me in my goal of $500 (or maybe more!), please see my fundraising page here.

Maybe with my next post I’ll talk a little more about how my training is going and any updates from Angely. The 10K takes place the day after her birthday! I just wrote her a letter to let her know about it, and I can’t wait to share pictures and let her know what it was like the day of!

Until next time!


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