Day 8 (Part 2) – Winding Down

As I mentioned in Part 1, I had just left Angely and her mom to walk to the main road with Francesca to catch a cab. I had to quickly find Shirley to say goodbye. She had been traveling with us all week and translating for my family group. She had been wonderful! As I bent down to hug her, she started encouraging me and saying she would miss me. I think I had been holding in a lot of emotion from visiting with Angely, and now here I was saying goodbye to another friend. I just broke down and couldn’t talk for a little while. I was glad to have my trip guide in my hands so I could hold it in front of my face (below my eyes) so I could see to walk to the bus without everyone seeing my horrible cry face. (I’m determined to find Shirley on Facebook!)

I managed to pull myself together once on the bus, but it was hard to stay that way! All the emotions. Our next stop was the grocery store in case we wanted to buy chocolate or coffee. I bought some cookies that we all had become obsessed with! They’re called Morochas, and thank goodness they are on Amazon! We had a good time in the store. I ended up being one of the last ones to check out, and suddenly something was announced over the PA system, and all the employees stopped what they were doing and clapped and cheered! I asked Soledad what that was all about, and she said if you come in on your birthday, and they scan your frequent shopper card, they announce it and sometimes sing! I also thought it was interesting that they show you your price in USD or in Peruvian Soles.

After the stop at the store, our next stop was the beach. It was a nice diversion since we had Soledad on the bus’s PA system being our tour guide describing what we were seeing along the shoreline as we made our way to our stopping point. I don’t have many good pictures of the sights along the way since I was inside a moving bus, and my camera is probably 10 years old! The part of the city we were in was beautiful! The houses near the shore were really pretty and cool. IMG_0711 IMG_0712

We found a spot where we could wade into the Pacific Ocean. It was composed of smooth round rocks. As I walked down the slope, the rocks slid out from under my feet so it was difficult to make my way down! Once there, we waded into the surf which was mostly gentle. We all got our pants wet when a larger than expected wave came up! The water wasn’t as cold as I was expecting. There weren’t many shells around, but there were a lot of crab parts. I think that’s due to all the sea birds that were around.


LaDonna wading in!
LaDonna wading in!
Karla collecting a few shells.
Karla collecting a few shells.
See how the cuffs of my jeans are wet? Bigger wave than we expected!

It was a really cool experience just to think that I was in the Pacific Ocean since we had started right next to the Atlantic in Miami! Maybe it’s just me, but that kind of thing blows me away. While I was in Peru, I was using Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with family. Well, my sister lives in Mexico so at one point, we were all talking to each other from 3 different countries!

We continued walking around the coast and the general area until we got back to the bus.

We passed a banquet hall where a weeding reception was about to take place. I believe this is the bride and her father posing for pictures.
We passed a banquet hall where a wedding reception was about to take place. I believe this is the bride and her father posing for pictures.
This is the coast at night. Hard to see, but again, old camera!
This is the coast at night. Hard to see, but again, old camera!

We piled into the bus to go to dinner. Tonight we were having dinner at a nice restaurant called Tanta in the Lima mall. We had to quickly get off the bus once we stopped since it’s not allowed to park on the street! I think we did a decent job since there are 2 doors to the bus. Dinner was fabulous! There was more variety at this restaurant so I had ravioli. The lemongrass lemonade I had was fantastic even though it looked scary (green) since I think they puree the lemongrass and put it right in the lemonade!

The best part was the chocolate mousse I had for dessert! It was fantastic! A great last dinner to have in Peru. There’s a Tanta location in Chicago so if I’m ever up that way, I’m totally going! The rest of the locations are in cities around the world! Of course we had to walk back to the bus, and it had parked across the street at the park we were at earlier in the day. And of course, we had to walk through the park, right next to the spot where I had sat with Angely and her mom. Once again, I had to push back the emotions.

The bus ride back to the hotel was cool. We all got to share stories from the day, and Sean gave us tips for re-entry into the US after all we had seen and experienced. After this week, it would be a little bit of a shock to go back into the US and try to settle back into our lives. I’m trying to be more patient with people in general. I just don’t see some things as important anymore. What really matters in my life is my family and God’s power and love. I also can’t wait to find sponsors for more kids! If you have been reading this blog or even just this post, please think about sponsoring a child. I had put it off for quite some time, and I don’t even know why. You really can make a difference in the life of a child and give them hope for the future, despite their current circumstances. I am hoping and praying that I’ve gotten sponsors for children and don’t even know it! You can click the banner at the top right of the page or just go to

It was already almost 10 PM by the time we got back to the hotel. As usual, I opened my journal so I could write before going to sleep for the night even though we had an early start to get to the airport. That’s when I was finally able to release some of the emotion that I had kept holding back all day. It was a relief, to be honest! I wasn’t really ready to go home!


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